ONE NIGHT IN TEHRAN – A Chapter Comment

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Chapter 1

Titus Alan Ray, a Level 1 CIA intelligence officer, has been with the Agency for twenty years, having joined shortly after his graduation from the University of Michigan with a degree in International Studies and Languages. Titus is nearing his fifties now, a veteran of several operations involving Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other undisclosed locations in the Middle East.

His career, however, began in Latin America, specifically Mexico, where his arrogance and hot temper almost got him dismissed from the Agency. Instead, he was sent to Colombia. There, in a drug cartel operation gone horribly bad, he spent several weeks dodging two cartel members who were out to kill him.

Fortunately, Titus redeemed himself with the Agency when, during the beginning of the Iraq war, they pulled in all intelligence officers who had scored high in language aptitude and began training them in Middle Eastern languages, including Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew. After quickly achieving fluency, he became a Middle Eastern operative, under the direction of Operations Officer, Douglas Carlton.


Lerner got out of the car and headed for the front door. “Jamerson, get his kit from the trunk and meet us inside.”

I took my time getting out of the car.

I paused to zip up the jacket of the tracksuit I’d been issued at the air base in Turkey, and then I leaned back inside the car and picked up the cane from the back seat. All the while, I was keeping an eye on Jamerson. He grabbed the duffel bag given to me on the flight over from Turkey, and, when he closed the trunk, our eyes met.

He motioned toward the front entrance with a slight nod of his head. “After you, sir.”

I was almost six feet tall, and he was about my height, but, unlike me, he had a beefy body. I wondered how many hours he spent in the gym each day.

I hadn’t seen the inside of a gym for years.

I hobbled toward the door, thankful Jamerson hadn’t offered to help me.

In fact, if he had, I might have marshaled whatever strength I had left and slugged him.

Pride was a great energizer for me.


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