Book I

frontcoverIs the assassin stalking him connected to the mysterious Iranian couple he meets in Oklahoma? And, what about Detective Nikki Saxon? Can she be trusted with his secrets?

In Tehran, while hiding out from the Iranian secret police, CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, finds shelter with a group of Iranian Christians. Compelled by their unwavering faith, the battle-hardened, covert operative becomes a believer before they smuggle him out of Iran to freedom in Turkey.

When he returns to the States, he discovers his Iranian mission failed because of political infighting within the Agency. In a hot-tempered outburst, he delivers a scathing indictment against the Deputy Director of Operations, and the DDO forces Titus to take a year’s medical leave in Oklahoma.

Before leaving Langley, however, he discovers a Hezbollah hit man has targeted him for assassination. Now, while trying to figure out what it means to be a follower of Christ, he must decide if the Iranian couple he meets in Oklahoma has ties to the man who’s trying to kill him, and if Nikki Saxon, a beautiful local detective, can be trusted with his secrets.

One Night in Tehran is Book 1 in the Titus Ray Thriller series. Find it on Amazon in print or download it on your Kindle reading device. Click here for Amazon links.

Watch the Book Trailer for One Night in Tehran. (Listen to a reading below.)

Listen to an excerpt from the Audiobook version of One Night in Tehran narrated by Chris Abell. Available on Amazon through Audible here.

Use the icon below to listen to the first chapter on SoundCloud or click here.

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